To install locally, do:

git clone
cd account-abstraction
yarn install
yarn test

To run a sample flow, calling locally the EntryPoint.handleOps() (note that for non-local network, you need to set MNEMONIC_FILE environment var to an account that has some eth)

yarn run runop [ --network hardhat|goerli ]

To run a sample operation against the goerli miner do

yarn run runop-goerli

Just using the Contracts:

yarn install @account-abstraction/contracts

From solidity code:

import "@account-abstraction/contracts/BaseWallet.sol";

contract MyContract is BaseWallet {

Just JSON artifacts:

artifact = require('@account-abstraction/contracts/artifacts/EntryPoint.json')

js/ts code:

const {EntryPoint__factory} = require("@account-abstraction/contracts/typechain/factories/EntryPoint__factory");
const entryPoint = EntryPoint__factory.connect(entryPointAddress, signer)